What was the BEST thing you ever did?

I’ve heard that question many times, “What was the best drawing you’ve ever done?”
Truth is I never thought about it like that.
The one with “Little Feather” is certainly not “the best” artwork I’ve ever done.
Personally I just think it was one of the more succinct messages I ever conveyed.


When I first set out to simplify many things in my life I
started noticing “The foul language of absolutes”.

I often refuse to deal in unqualified statements.
Few things in life “are”, not everything “is”.
I also try to avoid words such as “the best”, or “the worst.”

If this sounds trivial, consider an example.
You attend a wedding and say, “This is the best wedding ever!”
But you said the same thing at a friend’s wedding two month’s ago?
What if that very same friend is next you when you start dealing in absolutes?
Perhaps he won’t be offended at all, who knows?
On the other hand, it might put quite a dent in a good friendship?
But you could’ve avoided a very large potential pitfall of hurt feelings and misunderstanding, simply by not using absolutes!

What if you had phrased it differently – and said, “This could very well be one of the most enjoyable weddings I have ever attended!”
You qualified it with a personal and subjective approach.
A phrase such as “one of”, doesn’t automatically include anything, but it certainly doesn’t exclude everything else instantly.
Make it even easier, use “I think it is” more often than “it is.”
You could also use “I think this is great”, or “this is so cool” instead of arbitrarily labelling it as “the best!”

At this point I’m sure a few people might say that I over-analyse things and that I make it complicated.
That is a valid opinion, but I often find that a bit of effort with communication pays off.

Language matters, and filtering your words a bit before they leave your pen, keyboard or mouth may be very beneficial.

I prefer filtering my words, especially in the beginning of a conversation, even if it takes more time.
Damage control after the usage of hastily fired-off words will take up much more time and effort, that much I also know.

All Words and pictures by me, unless stated otherwise.
TLR – 11 October 2018