Jim Kane and Rick Jones commented on your post. So bloody what?

Distractions burn your energy, a lot of it.
One such energy-drain is “The Social Media Comment!”

Have you ever thought about the absurdity of some Facebook notifications and comments?
The significant others in your life don’t always comment on your pictures.
Most probably you added the photos for their benefit?

Relative strangers, or even complete strangers often write, “You look good!”
Then it leaves you wondering where and how they crawled into your virtual world?
But yeah, it’s ok, we’re vain enough to take the compliment.

Here’s a pet peeve: You write a nice little detailed post and people comment by saying, “ok” or “cool!”
Dammit, couldn’t they at least have acknowledged a small amount of your creative genius?
You receive the notification on you mobile that says, “Jim Kane reacted to your post.”
But all Jim Kane did was exhibit a reflex action as habitual “liker.”
Check his profile and you’ll see that he shares the shit out of everything he stumbles across.
Don’t feel too good about his “courtesy-like.”

I’m a recovering Facebook addict.
But I have occasional relapses.
One way of dealing with the craving to be acknowledged by the unknown masses out there is to deconstruct all of this and see it for the absurd mess it all is.
Ok – If you are completely fine with getting angel-bear stickers, virtual cuddles, sad crying faces and hearts whenever a tragedy befalls you, it’s fine!
If a 100 likes for your broken-arm-in-hospital pic cheers you up then its all good!
If 4000 birthday wishes get you off, then I’m happy for you!
When you feel you need 25 “Aw cute” comments about your latest cute-cat-pic, then do it! Wait for those validating gems to trickle into your post!

Replies, replies to replies, confrontations stemming from replies – They are so tedious.
Misunderstandings based on poorly-thought-out comments – Those non-essential imitations of life kill my vibe!
For me its a simple matter of choosing not to burn energy, constantly monitoring that little red notification-bubble.
Recognize the absurdity of it all if you feel the lure of constant acknowledgement is enslaving you.