Stoic Lemonade: The futility of a “Facebook Argument.”

Today I saw another lengthy and very tedious comment-thread on Facebook.
I know I shouldn’t be reading this drivel, but I do get relapses!

One common denominator within comments often shines through:
Very few participants are ever willing to move from a position of “knowing” to a position of “enquiring.”
Everyone is always ready to impart a vast array of knowledge.
Everyone is a guru and a supreme Jedi Master of everything and anything.

But in the end the futility and absurdity of it all amuses me.
The online-argument is never won, it is a crude feedback loop.
Participants caught in this loop manage to spend hours buried in thought – Seeking powerful words that can decimate the enemy!
The weapons often come across as pretentious and contrived attempts at being more clever than everyone else.
But most opponents are strangers who really don’t care about anyone in the virtual fray.
And they definitely couldn’t care less about anything anyone writes.