Stoic Lemonade: Did you allow a smile on your face this morning?

This morning I was privileged enough to be able to relax on my porch.
I was up before the sun.
In my mind I already compiled a huge checklist of all the stuff that “Needs to be done today.”
A busy mind tends to focus on that what keeps us busy.

I sipped on my coffee and watched the Sun start reaching towards the far end of my garden.
I smiled.
But it’s actually a bit more than that, I ALLOWED myself to smile.
There’s something liberating about making a conscious decision to smile.
Make a conscious decision where you allow yourself to be content within a moment.
But know this Fearless Trooper, it aint always that easy!
Your mind can be a bit of a bitch, convincing you not to give in to “frivolous” thoughts!

However, the great part about allowing a smile means that you needn’t necessarily stop doing what you’re doing.
You needn’t go all metaphysical and fake the touchy-feely-happy-vibe.
Just observe your surroundings, c’mon – There ARE nice things around you.

While you’re walking to work, focus on your walking.
You do know that’s a gift, don’t you?
Being able to walk and all of that?

Smile, you’re on camera anyway – considering the vast amount of CCTV cameras that grace our cities.
One day when the Earth is long-gone the aliens will study this footage and wonder why some people managed to walk around with a goofy smile.

Allow yourself to smile, push it to the top of your to-do list.