Stoic Lemonade: The clutter of our lives.

Clutter protects itself with fear.
You fear throwing away something valuable by accident.
But how valuable is anything that you allowed to get hidden under an ever-growing pile of belongings?
To a large degree anything that’s covered by clutter is already lost.

The end of a year brings introspection.
What is your “clutter?”
Is it stacks of goodies piled up around the house?
Or thousands of mp3 files or photographs on hard drives?
Are stale or toxic friendships cluttering and smothering you on a personal level?

Few things are actually as scary as ruthlessly and recklessly throwing out stuff.
But – You obviously know you will sift through things a bit before you dump it all.

Earlier today I cleaned out a very old box with hundreds of unsorted documents.
I retrieved a few odds and ends that got rerouted to a new thinner file.
One day I might look for something “important” I chucked out today.
But then again, it seems I had “no use” for any of those “valuable” files the last few years – Even the ones I “saved” today?