Stoic Lemonade and practical happiness: Ditch Passion, do something new!

Find your passion by doing something new?
Well, I see “Passion” as a fickle lover, she is often reluctant to reveal much of herself.
She wants me to embark on a journey of discovery.
She wants me to find her, but she wants me to make sure that I want her!
She’s a catch, but she aint easy!

If you run out of options and finding your passion seems more abstract than ever before – make that fickle one jealous.
Forget about chasing down Passion for a while.

Do something new.
Try something that always interested you.
Think about practical things:
Start painting – even if you believe you suck at it.
Try out rollerskating.
Build and fly a kite.
Cook a few meals.
Do some gardening.
Read books that really differ from those you usually read.

Be realistic however…

You’re only setting yourself up for disappointment if you wish to be a surfer but you’re a thousand miles away from the ocean.
Passion could ask you to be a bit reckless if you need to discover your love for extreme sports, but err on the side of logic.
If you know that your body isn’t used to extreme activities then “doing something new” should rather be something like getting fit instead of renting a helicopter and jumping out of it with a snowboard strapped to your feet!
Jogging could also be “something new!”

Why would you want do something NEW though?
The answer is easy, whenever you start doing something new you might very well open up new avenues that could lead to the discovery of your true passions.
Keep in mind that “something different” could even be a change in direction.
You don’t always need to do something completely different, just change the angle, the pitch or the approach.
I remember growing up with classical and mainstream-pop records in the house.
We were warned not to go near the demonic pit of evil that lived inside “Heavy Metal” and rock music.
But teenagers don’t heed warnings, do they?
When I initially borrowed a few discs from a friend I discovered an undying passion for all things loud and heavy – Music included.
The same friend also took me on a tour of his local gym.
We soon started training together.
I still have a passion for weight training to this day.

Passion is waiting for you at that far seat inside your local pub.
She’s giving you the eye!
But perhaps she wants you to try the new karaoke machine first.
You never knew how much you loved singing did you?
You felt passion stirring the minute you took hold of the microphone!
But wait for it – You’re going to try line dancing next!

Photo by Darkctyle