Stoic Lemonade and practical happiness: Fabulous orgasm, fake life!

You can hardly pick up a magazine without an article promising you some “mind blowing sex.”
The media would like you to subscribe to their methods for landing that dream job or flattening the tummy with yet another miracle diet.
Advice out there promises better saving plans, healthier lifestyles and longevity.
Movie reviews guide you towards a 120 Minute thrill-ride.
Esteemed critics assist you with the selection of a perfect restaurant.

But what happens in the moments between your “monuments.”
What should you do in the hours between the great orgasms and the dream gym-routine?
You will have to figure that out by yourself.
Nobody can really tell you how to fill your seemingly-insignificant moments.

The point is, nobody can really lead a 007 lifestyle of excitement and unadulterated glamour all the time.
Hell, not even James Bond himself can live his own lifestyle?
At some point he needs to go to the toilet and eat cereal.
He also needs to brush his teeth and do other “mundane” things.

Life also “happens” in the mundane moments between earth-shattering thrills and spills.
Only when you start thinking about those moments do you realize how special they can be.
Music can’t exist without texture, moments of silence and changes in tempo – Otherwise it would be as dull as doornails.
Listening to music also make more sense to me when there are gaps of white noise or nothingness between tracks.
I’m not one for “never ending mixes.”
I prefer playlists with some diversity – Metal co-exists with some softer mood music, spatterings of pop and party tunes.
And then there are times when I wish for utter silence.
And that’s how life is lived like music.

Picture by cataclastica