Walk, not type!

I remember a time when you either phoned your neighbour when his dog was barking incessantly or you walked across the street in order to resolve the issue.
There was also a third option, you could either have ignored, or accepted it for what it was… Life in the suburbs.

“Acceptance” is not our strong suit though…we’re an entitled species. Our own preferences and comfort needs to enjoy a top-tier priority level at all times!
Luckily for us: Along comes Social Media to the “rescue.”
A lumbering vehicle buckling under its own weight.
So let’s drive into the echo-chamber where thousands clamour for attention.
Let’s blow the horn with our own rants and raves.
Inside this hollow chamber we can lambaste “The Neighbour” for not disciplining his dog.
Unfortunately this is where it all goes pear-shaped.
Animal lovers will immediately chime in to educate us about the sanctity of preserving a dog’s autonomy.
Several others will jump onto the bandwagon and somehow change the topic to “Bad service delivery in the suburbs” thereby causing a totally unrelated outrage!

But then your computer requires a restart and you’re forced to go offline because Windows updates will take 20 minutes.
You decide to bite the bullet, what the hell…
And you cross the street.
For once you’re going to have a real conversation with your neighbour!
But the problem is, your neighbour is on his mobile, busy reading the local Facebook neighbourhood community page.
He is almost too distracted to talk to you…
He is waging a fierce Facebook-comment-war against someone who dared make the false claim that all small-breed dogs reflect the owner’s inability to maintain satisfactory sexual relationships.