Stoic Lemonade and practical happiness: Ditch Passion, do something new!

Find your passion by doing something new?
Well, I see “Passion” as a fickle lover, she is often reluctant to reveal much of herself.
She wants me to embark on a journey of discovery.
She wants me to find her, but she wants me to make sure that I want her!
She’s a catch, but she aint easy!

If you run out of options and finding your passion seems more abstract than ever before – make that fickle one jealous.
Forget about chasing down Passion for a while.

Do something new.
Try something that always interested you.
Think about practical things:
Start painting – even if you believe you suck at it.
Try out rollerskating.
Build and fly a kite.
Cook a few meals.
Do some gardening.
Read books that really differ from those you usually read.

Be realistic however…
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