Perpetuating the illusion that you are too busy.

“Clipboard Guy” was a master of illusion.
But he didn’t employ smoke and mirrors.
He only needed his trusty clipboard to sustain the illusion that he was busy.

I remember him walking around carrying a clipboard, taking notes, ticking off items on “a list.”
And he looked serious!
He could outstare Batman in competition for “Stoic Visage Of The year!”
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Jim Kane and Rick Jones commented on your post. So bloody what?

Distractions burn your energy, a lot of it.
One such energy-drain is “The Social Media Comment!”

Have you ever thought about the absurdity of some Facebook notifications and comments?
The significant others in your life don’t always comment on your pictures.
Most probably you added the photos for their benefit?

Relative strangers, or even complete strangers often write, “You look good!”
Then it leaves you wondering where and how they crawled into your virtual world?
But yeah, it’s ok, we’re vain enough to take the compliment.
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