Stoic Lemonade – Practical Happiness: Light within the real darkness.

What is the true darkness of our time?

We tend to think of darkness as something carrying a negative value.
But the darkness we perceive is nothing more than an object that absorbs light.
Darkness invites us to generate more energy, to burn brighter as human beings.

There are those who manage to dim existing light.
We are drawn towards light.
But we approach “light” with entitled opinionated comments, callous actions, egoism and militant self-centeredness.
We can succeed in reducing light to a mere flicker – or even extinguishing it.
This is the real darkness that haunts humanity.
I don’t fear the dark, I fear those who kill the light.

Light is energy.
Withhold one asinine or truly hurtful comment from social media today.
This is already a very small, albeit practical way of not draining someone else’s energy.
And ultimately – not depleting any of your own.

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Stoic Lemonade: Goodbye 2018- Forget about new year’s resolutions. Don’t “reinvent” yourself.

I’m sure many of you also started receiving insipid little “New Year’s” messages on WhatsApp groups.
This was one of the worst:
“Repeat after me, 2019 is going to be all about new beginnings, I will reinvent myself.
Being healthy physically and mentally and blah blah and more blah and yet more blah”

Sue me if you think I’m a cynical bastard, but I do know this – You will only have so much control over your health!
In fact…
If I can’t bother to take care of myself throughout the year, then why bother scribbling meaningless “resolutions!”

I believe all new year’s resolutions are nothing more than useless placebos.
The only resolutions worth mentioning are those with a practical edge.
Screw this “reinventing” myself for example!
What does that even mean?
This obtuse concept of “reinventing” is wider and more waterlogged than the Pacific.

Instead I will choose to focus on re-appreciating music that I have known for a long time.
I have the music on my drive, you noticed – I already have it!
I have picked out a few books I wish to read. They are on my shelf.
Perhaps the inspiration that I glean from those works of art might inspire me to constantly better myself.

Throughout the year I’m actually aware that I “need to be a better human being all the time!”
C’mon we KNOW these things!
Will a resolution be the trigger that prompts me to “be better” if I have never internalized the desire to “improve?”
I doubt it!

So shoot me if I ever use a diffuse blanket-concept such a new years resolution to disguise failings and insecurities that I know full well I have no real desire to tackle and solve practically!

In the end we only end up feeling guilty when we fail to complete or even start the shit that we knew we would not complete or even start!

I wish you all a practical 2019, one devoid of “can”, “should”, “must” or “need to.”
So dump that one-day fix that you sugar-coat with temporary and vapid feelgood resolutions!
Be practical – if you wrote resolution-crap on a piece of paper, tear it up.
Delete the Word document from your computer.
And that being said…
I do hope that you are able to journey through a year in which you find the strength and resolve to implement life-changing improvements on a daily basis.

Happy New Year!

Stoic Lemonade: The clutter of our lives.

Clutter protects itself with fear.
You fear throwing away something valuable by accident.
But how valuable is anything that you allowed to get hidden under an ever-growing pile of belongings?
To a large degree anything that’s covered by clutter is already lost.

The end of a year brings introspection.
What is your “clutter?”
Is it stacks of goodies piled up around the house?
Or thousands of mp3 files or photographs on hard drives?
Are stale or toxic friendships cluttering and smothering you on a personal level?

Few things are actually as scary as ruthlessly and recklessly throwing out stuff.
But – You obviously know you will sift through things a bit before you dump it all.

Earlier today I cleaned out a very old box with hundreds of unsorted documents.
I retrieved a few odds and ends that got rerouted to a new thinner file.
One day I might look for something “important” I chucked out today.
But then again, it seems I had “no use” for any of those “valuable” files the last few years – Even the ones I “saved” today?

Stoic Lemonade: Are Tattoos Portals for Evil Spirits?

Earlier this morning I sat next to a girl with impressive tattoos.
I recalled a debate I had with someone who told me that tattoos were portals for evil spirits!”
I wondered whether she was going to go all “Supernatural” on me and manifest a demon from her rose tattoo?
Thank heavens I escaped safely!

As far as I know biblical comments about “tattoos” are limited to one verse?
Research I conducted showed me “the markings” they refer to in that passage is pulled out of context ever so often.
In my opinion, that ignorant “Manifestation of Misinterpretation” can beat the “tattoo-demon” hand’s down anyway.
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Making Stoic Lemonade: Suck it sour or kill it with sugar.

Earlier this year my interest in Stoicism was seriously rekindled.
But to be quite honest, I can’t ever see myself becoming a true Stoic.
Is it just me or do some of “them” take themselves a tad too seriously?
I’m going to confess to being a bit of a “supermarket philosopher.”
I walk down the proverbial isles and pick whatever I like from whatever the ideology or philosophy is.
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