Stoic Lemonade: Did you allow a smile on your face this morning?

This morning I was privileged enough to be able to relax on my porch.
I was up before the sun.
In my mind I already compiled a huge checklist of all the stuff that “Needs to be done today.”
A busy mind tends to focus on that what keeps us busy.

I sipped on my coffee and watched the Sun start reaching towards the far end of my garden.
I smiled.
But it’s actually a bit more than that, I ALLOWED myself to smile.
There’s something liberating about making a conscious decision to smile.
Make a conscious decision where you allow yourself to be content within a moment.
But know this Fearless Trooper, it aint always that easy!
Your mind can be a bit of a bitch, convincing you not to give in to “frivolous” thoughts!
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Stoic Lemonade: Are Tattoos Portals for Evil Spirits?

Earlier this morning I sat next to a girl with impressive tattoos.
I recalled a debate I had with someone who told me that tattoos were portals for evil spirits!”
I wondered whether she was going to go all “Supernatural” on me and manifest a demon from her rose tattoo?
Thank heavens I escaped safely!

As far as I know biblical comments about “tattoos” are limited to one verse?
Research I conducted showed me “the markings” they refer to in that passage is pulled out of context ever so often.
In my opinion, that ignorant “Manifestation of Misinterpretation” can beat the “tattoo-demon” hand’s down anyway.
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