Stoic Lemonade and practical happiness: Tweet like a twit!

Why did you open a Twitter account?
Can you answer by saying, “I opened a Twitter account in order to …”
Do you use your account to inform people that you need to go to the toilet?
Do you tweet to inform people you need a cigarette?
Is your account for virtue signalling?
Perhaps you need to show everyone out there how clever or beautiful you are?
Do you get off by the sheer magnitude of faceless followers you amass?

I refuse to get pulled into Twitter’s never-ending furore about everything and anything.
On occasion I read the news, but I see no point in reading a thousand opinions.
I feel I drown in an acidic blue sea of noise when I look at people’s tweets.

I find Twitter’s real time updates of the transit system helpful.
This micro-blogging platform isn’t entirely without merit.

But I always smile at this superfluous wonder of our times.
Some postulate that they use Twitter to engage in debate.
Opinions and vitriol hurled back and forth is hardly “debate.”
When last did you admit you learned something on Twitter?
You know you only wish to push your own viewpoint!

This is why I refuse to become part of this.
I won’t teach myself that I need to scream online in order to be heard.
I see no reason to scream anywhere for that matter.

If attempting to process a hundred thousand opinions and flaky emotions on a daily basis makes you HAPPY, then do it!
Personally I can’t, and I’ve chosen not to.
Emotional clutter kills my happiness vibe.

I see no point in being flooded by a never-ending emotional deluge with no practical way of stemming the tide.
In the offline world I can attempt to do some good – I can even make a difference without “hearing” snide remarks and irrelevant, unrelated opinions from at least a hundred faceless onlookers.

But enough of that… I need to go to the toilet now!

Picture by wizzex.

Stoic Lemonade and practical happiness: A wedding killed my Facebook Account!

Two years ago a wedding I attended helped pull the proverbial firing-pin on the “Fuck Facebook” grenade!
The wedding itself was great!
You know when you reluctantly drag yourself to a function and it turns out so better than anything you anticipated.

But here’s the part that got to me.
Call me a sentimental wuss!
Most everyone took pics of the event.
The newly-hitched couple looked good.
But for some or other reason nobody posted anything on Facebook?
Except the bride of course. She was a Facebook friend when I still had that account.
The mother of the bride – Zero posts!
Stepfather of the bride – Nothing!
The Half brother of the bride – No mentions.
Other family members – Ok, by now you can see a pattern – Nobody posted shit!
The real kicker however… After the wedding I saw copious Facebook posts by all of the usual suspects mentioned above.
One or two actually posted random Facebook crap while they were at the wedding! Charming people!
I know!
But somehow nobody really managed to squeeze out even one “Congrats girl – Beautiful day – Well Done?”

Of course I over-analyze shit like this, but that’s who I am.
This led me to check out my own “memorable” Facebook events.
I had 500 plus people who barely managed to raise an eyebrow whenever I posted something truly great!
Well, ok … Something great in my opinion at least.

Right, obviously I did something terribly wrong on Facebook.
I marketed myself incorrectly?
But WTF! Really?
Why do I need to MARKET myself in order to get people to pay attention?
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