Stoic Lemonade: This is a great day, because nothing changed since 2018!

Did you experience any life-changing events when you celebrated the 2018-2019 transition?
I will wager you didn’t.
We would like to believe there’s a mystical force that separates the old year from the new.
Technically we know there isn’t.
But the New Year’s Eve celebration is at least cathartic.
Humans don’t like to admit they need boundaries.
In the electronic world of “infinite scrolling” there’s some comfort in knowing certain things do have a logical conclusion.
You wouldn’t read a book if you knew there wasn’t going to be an “end?”
We do need certain thing to have properly defined endings.
But does anything really change when the watch’s hand creeps past the 12 o’clock mark?
I don’t think so.
You pop a few corks, become inebriated … dance and temporarily forget about your new year’s resolutions.
And then on the 1st of January you discover you’re still the same person after a hard night of partying.
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Perpetuating the illusion that you are too busy.

“Clipboard Guy” was a master of illusion.
But he didn’t employ smoke and mirrors.
He only needed his trusty clipboard to sustain the illusion that he was busy.

I remember him walking around carrying a clipboard, taking notes, ticking off items on “a list.”
And he looked serious!
He could outstare Batman in competition for “Stoic Visage Of The year!”
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