How to handle (almost anything) in life— according to Carl.

Carl always managed to sleep like a log.
He occupied the bunk to my left during our time of military service.
I believe Carl was a born Stoic.
His control and calmness fascinated me, whereas I’ve always been the overthinker, the nervous one. Even during my training to become a warrior, I still turned out to be a better worrier.

I plumbed Carl’s thoughts on a few occasions— I had … Read the rest

Becoming accustomed to “not winning” has become a way of life. (A thought about rediscovering “doing.”)

You won 13 million in the Lotto, but you don’t know it yet?
The world is full of unclaimed prize-money, inheritances, and insurance policies.
The money is just lying there— waiting to be grabbed, legitimately.
Every day millions of people play the Lotto, or some derivative thereof.
The hope that there will be untold riches in the pipeline exists, but the expectation is certainly realistic.
Many of us have “gambled Read the rest