Stoic Lemonade – Practical Happiness: Light within the real darkness.

What is the true darkness of our time?

We tend to think of darkness as something carrying a negative value.
But the darkness we perceive is nothing more than an object that absorbs light.
Darkness invites us to generate more energy, to burn brighter as human beings.

There are those who manage to dim existing light.
We are drawn towards light.
But we approach “light” with entitled opinionated comments, callous actions, egoism and militant self-centeredness.
We can succeed in reducing light to a mere flicker – or even extinguishing it.
This is the real darkness that haunts humanity.
I don’t fear the dark, I fear those who kill the light.

Light is energy.
Withhold one asinine or truly hurtful comment from social media today.
This is already a very small, albeit practical way of not draining someone else’s energy.
And ultimately – not depleting any of your own.

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