It’s not much?

I had already pitched my tent for the night when the Audi pulled in.

The 5 guys in the car were big, and the Audi’s suspension was already taxed by age and neglect.
They succeeded in lowering the car to such an extent that I wondered about the ride quality—Let alone any safety concerns.

A huge but well-travelled tent was clumsily erected between alternating sessions of drinking and smoking.
The revels carried on into the wee hours of the morning.
Somehow all of us eventually scrounged up a few hours of sleep.

The next morning found me a bit ragged around the edges but a cup of good coffee alleviated some of the lethargy.
When I was packed and ready to go The Party of 5 started stirring.
I decided to hang around for a while and make another coffee.

The big cumbersome tent disappeared into the car’s trunk with unexpected ease and speed.
When all 5 were settled into their respective seats the launch window started.
Firing up the engine was a bit of a mission.
After three failed attempts the guy who was riding shotgun got out, popped the hood and fiddled with some wires.
I imagined a World War 1 pilot telling his ground crew to turn the propeller.
Someone surely could have yelled “contact!”
That’s when a cloud of smoke signalled the Audi’s return to life.
The driver put his trusty steed into gear and they drove off—All smiles!
For some strange reason I still remember the first word that came to mind.
These 5 men almost appeared to be “triumphant.”

I also remember thinking how much fun and laughter surfaced that night.
They didn’t have much…but they sure knew how to have a good time.
When I revisited these memories not long ago it finally dawned on me though…
We often think people manage “despite having very little.”
Quite often though the indomitable human spirit says “No, that’s not it.”
“What they had at that moment wasn’t much, but it was enough!”