The Stoic Façade And Lemonjooz With A Twist Of Zen!

Occasionally the Stoic Façade I present to the world crumbles.
Some of the “Hardcore-Stoics” on a Facebook group once slammed my term “Hardcore-Stoic.”
However that may be, I feel the term is legitimate.
But let’s not delve too deep into the colloquial definitions for “hardcore.”
I’m way too undisciplined to fully adhere to the time-honoured teachings of The Stoics.
And quite frankly, sometimes I can’t be bothered if I feel it doesn’t serve me.

When that façade I mentioned crumbles I consider the Tao and follow the river.
If need be, I become the river.
When things seem like an “all paths are equally bad” scenario then the way actually becomes clear!
Then you might as well choose any of the river’s branches within which to float away.
Because then they are all the same?

But without veering towards fatalism, once you become the river you also realize that the situation you thought of as being “hopeless” offered many opportunities for experiencing something human.
And naturally the Stoic will jump in with, “You also learned a lot about yourself!”
When you reach the river’s end things also change, things that weren’t even remotely apparent when you allowed the river to take you!

Often I refer to this pastiche of philosophies as “Lemonjooz” which coincides nicely with the name of my domain!
Imagine that!

Life isn’t going to give you lemons, life isn’t going to give you anything.
It’s up to you to actively search for lemons and when you do find the little suckers, squeeze them!
If tequila is your thing, add that to the equation.
You can also suck it sour, or kill it with sugar—Your choice!