Can you ever really “recover” from something bad that happened?

A full recovery from physical wounds implies “scars.”
The wounds heal, but scars stay.
The are not painful for the greater part.
But when you do happen to glance upon them you might recall the event that caused the wound.
These reminders of wounds will always stay with us.

Most people I know wear their scars as badges that show they have lived.
If you experienced any form of mental trauma it will also form a “scar” of sorts, a proverbial scar.
And whilst you may heal, function within acceptable parameters and proceed with your life, those unseen reminders of bad things will also stay.

Bear in mind that scars grow back as thicker skin, there’s a lot of potential analogy in there!
Whichever way you would like to perceive scars of any type—They are part of your life.
You can either allow scars to dictate weakness or strength each time you observe them.

It took a tough little girlfriend to reinforce this fundamental truth for me.
My first real high-school crush was a gorgeous albeit slightly “tomboyish” blonde girl.
Her one arm sported a thick red scar.
She occasionally referred to it as being her “badass look!”
She also said that the scar didn’t make her think of the fall, it was a reminder that she managed to “get up again!”