So, She Asked Me If I Liked Stones.

I told her that I did.
But not The Rolling Stones.
Not a big fan!
Standing Stones have always been cool!
Are they really Druidic portals?
Gateways to lost secrets?
Stonehenge. Now that’s a place to visit!
Then we moved on and discussed one of the quintessential Neil Diamond songs—”Stones.”

Stones would play inside her head,
And where she slept, they made her bed

It never gets more random than this, but that’s how you shorten the trip.
Random discussions about everything, and nothing… All rolled into one.

She would ache for love and get but stones“.

She handed back my headphones, “Why does it always feel like the really happy times are merely a parenthesis?”
“‘Bits of being-ok’ inserted between all the other shit we need to content with?”
I can’t really say, pop-wisdom just sounds so much better when accompanied by a nice melody.
On the upside… This moment we have now is a parenthesis, let’s just enjoy it for what it is!