The value of receiving a good insult!

I love receiving a good insult.
A well-constructed insult is indicative of a creative spirit.

Trite regurgitated generalizations and pre-packaged little bags of vitriol
aren’t to be dismissed as useless information either!
Receiving unimaginative insults can truly speed up the process of getting to know someone.
Condescending tones, forced sarcasm, and overbearing obnoxiousness
almost makes it too easy to pigeonhole those I needn’t waste energy on.

If you still feel the need to decimate me then challenge me as a new red wine would.
Interrogate my perception of reality with smoky undertones and smooth delivery.
When the sour aftertaste hits it’s going to be a surprise at least.
For the opportunity to be enriched by a learning experience I would
tolerate the intricate micro cuts and bruises and perhaps even view you as an
acquired taste.
I will always give a sophisticated red wine at least one more shot!