You won’t be happy today!

Happiness isn’t your “default” setting and I’m sure you know it.
It isn’t mine either.
In fact, “happiness” is a fabrication, a fake word designed to motivate people to take expensive holidays to utopian holiday destinations.
“Happiness awaits you the minute you set foot on golden beaches and dance to the pulsating rhythms of the greatest adventure you’ll ever experience!”
Sure, it might be true but that adventure will shake your pocket!
Financial woes after the holiday will kick you right back to where you were before the trip!

Happiness is the motivator that you always prop up in the fudged-up recesses of your subconscious to justify most purchases.
Just wait, when you get that Mustang you’ll be happy!

Reality is harsh mistress though… One that constantly strives to kill your illusion of happiness!
While you were on that beach you stumbled and dropped your cocktails on an unsuspecting sunbather.
You didn’t see any of the sexy people they paraded around in the seductive advert.
The kids were bored because they didn’t have their tablets with them and you were still worrying about a missed call from the office!

Before you decide to wallow in despair just consider the age-old concept of “awareness” for a minute!
You can actually make that fake word called “happiness” work for you.
Despite the embarrassment with the drinks, nobody got hurt.
The chat you had with the victim was quite pleasant.
His perspectives about the island made you notice things you would never have seen otherwise.
You relaxed, you laughed, you took notice of the balmy island breeze and the texture of the fine sand underfoot.
If you combine those elements into more comprehensible languages you can stitch them together and you’re
actually experiencing “happiness.”

What was your morning like today?
Cold, too hot, stressful?
But you had a nice coffee, didn’t you? You enjoyed it.
I really hope you did!
Life’s too short to have bad coffee!
Your office chair was quite comfortable.
It’s not something you really think about!
There’s enough money in your bank account for buying a pie at lunchtime.
Ok, before it sounds like I only pursue “happiness” through eating I’ll stop there.
But you do get the gist of the above.
Make a pastiche of the positive words in your day… “Enjoyed, content, satisfied, comfortable, fine, looking forward to something!”
When strung together in context those words push you towards the elusive idea of happiness.

Ever so often I get the idea that we’ve taught ourselves to think that the negative cancels the positive.
That’s far from the truth.
They actually exist in an eternal symbiosis.
But just like the way you rephrased “happiness” you might consider rephrasing the “bad” as well.
Spilling your drink wasn’t “bad.”
It was unfortunate… An accident, a mishap!
The word “Bad” is abstract.
“Mishap” sounds manageable.

And when you start using proper sentences it all clicks into place… “If you hadn’t cooled off someone with a ludicrously expensive drink you might not have experienced one of your more memorable holiday moments!”