The Dictator and the DJ. Thoughts about power!

My childhood synonym for “power” was “Superman.”
The red tights and cape didn’t really inspire me as much as the ability to lift a mountain with
one hand while holding Lois Lane with the other.
At least Superman wasn’t only a muscle-bound knucklehead.
Many of the stories pertinently emphasized his superior alien logic.

I often think that society teaches us that power lies within the ability to generate explosive force.
Movies and stories about powerful beings feature lots of action and pyrotechnics.
That is definitely one interpretation of “power.”
Power can be subtle.
Occasionally we tend to forget that power only becomes apparent after centuries.
The river can carve up a mountain although it takes centuries for a valley to form.

Perhaps one of the worst manifestations of power appears within the persona of the “Dictator.”
The illusion of power is perpetuated by literally removing opponents.
He only “receives” and maintains power through violent acts of destruction…
Reducing that which is perceived as a problem by whatever means!

On the other hand, the DJ playing a packed stadium exerts a transformative power over his fans.
He wields the power to transform a bad mood into a euphoric celebration of energy.
Where the dictator “takes” the artist “gives.”
Channeling and releasing vast amounts of energy paradoxically appears to result in even more energy being received.

There’s a childhood tale about the artisan and the soldier who walked through the streets during the aftermath of a devastating war.
Ok, I’m not sure why they were walking together.
But that’s open for speculation!

One very strong wall didn’t succumb to mortar attacks.
It wasn’t a pretty sight though.
Chunks of plaster were ripped out everywhere.
The soldier was very adamant that his troops would’ve decimated such a wall.
The artisan just smiled.
He told the soldier that any wall could be destroyed only once.
He, however, had the power to repair and repaint the wall whenever it needed some refurbishing.
And long after the current regime had been displaced he would still be around to patch it up again!