Happy unbirthday wishes to all!

Earlier this week I observed an Instagram celebrity’s birthday.
Because this lady is also an influencer with thousands of followers it was quite an event.
It made me think about my 23rd ride around the sun.

Condensed milk… A tin from the ration pack was a special treat on my 23rd birthday.
From myself to myself.
“(Everything I Do) I Do It For You” by Bryan Adams was in the top 5.

Late that afternoon I received an envelope from the battalion’s admin office.
“From the Colonel Commanding and the Unit. Your commitment and service are recognized on your birthday.”
It was something to that effect.
I finished the tin of super sweet decadence and wished I had another.

There were no other well-wishers.
Those were pre-internet days.
Pre mobile phone days…
It would’ve been pre “everything” to this connected generation.
Technicians had also been battling with the phone lines on the base.
If anyone from my family back home had tried to call me they would’ve heard the no-service tone.

My birthday is almost around the corner.
Because I had my Facebook account deleted a few years ago there will be no barrage of likes, hearts, memes or generic cards from strangers flooding my timeline.
However, I’m not one to judge those who do like electronic attention.
To each his own!

But all of this made me realize the characters from Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland were onto something.
Celebrating an unbirthday each day can be quite a thing!
There are 364 of those to celebrate after all.
I would also rather celebrate the mediocrity of a mundane day with one special person than celebrate a “special day” with a thousand strangers.

(* If you’re celebrating your “real” birthday today, allow me to congratulate you nonetheless… Even if it’s only electronically! May you also have an equally great unbirthday tomorrow!)