Illusions of perception— And red lines that help us observe!

Perception becomes your impairment when you’ve always been able to see without sharpening your ability to observe.

To counteract the illusion of reality stemming from an unmitigated belief in my own perception I started drawing circles around things.

Whenever I do venture into the nebulous netherworld of “online newsworthiness” my imaginary red marker becomes indispensable.
I draw thick red lines around terms such as “Everything you need to know about…”
Because quite simply it’s often nothing more than time-consuming inane clickbait.
Volatile opinion and repetitive comments are circled in thick red and black lines.
And next to all those circles I write “irrelevant!”
The circles remind me to focus less on seeing and more on “observing.”

I can also congratulate myself for finding the self-discipline to circle many forms of online communication after hours.
Especially over weekends, I don’t see the need to be glued to unsubstantiated and disturbing comments from those I’ve never even met.
This unbridled stream of “information”only serves to refract my experience of what could otherwise have been quality time spent with significant others.

Checking in on a friend or family member on Facebook doesn’t always necessitate a red line.
We should use technology for communication!
We have always done so.
Back in the days before the internet, we did make phone calls.
But due to practical constraints such as cost and being tied to a wire we also had to keep conversations relatively short.
A long-distance call to a relative abroad was a luxury, not a commodity.
So yes, let’s communicate by all means!
I’m only becoming more and more adverse against jumping into the polluted stream of “unfiltered opinion” simply because it’s so easy!
It has become too easy to expose ourselves to filth we really don’t need to deal with.

On a positive note…
I’ve also started making use of green markers.
I encircle many occurrences of empathy I see online.
It isn’t all bad.
In fact, nothing is!
Yin requires a Yang.