The courage to draw a line!

Matthew dropped by earlier this morning.
He told me that he had forgotten how to draw.
I made us some coffee.
But I knew he would’ve preferred a beer.
A friend would’ve offered him a beer.
But then again we weren’t really friends.

He said he didn’t have the courage to even draw  lines anymore.
I knew what it was all about.
His stories of being out among the stars and looking for traces of his footprints on the moon meant that he felt his universe was broken again.

After we had coffee I told him to start drawing circles, as we had done a thousand times before.

The first efforts seemed forced.
After a while, the lines became looser.

Our circles will always morph into Yin and Yang, it’s inevitable.
And then there’s the eternal toss-up of which side will be dark.
Not that it matters, because the darkness is light, and the light is darkness.

Matthew poured another cup of coffee and flipped through my vinyls.
He placed Billy Joel’s The Nylon Curtain on the platter.

I’d be lying if I told you
That I had no regrets
There were so many mistakes
And what a difference it makes
But still it shouldn’t surprise you at all

He cross-hatched the left side and drew a few other circles.

At that point, I knew the Universe was gonna be ok!