Are you afraid of becoming someone’s disposable person?

You might as well put that fear to bed now because you probably are already someone’s disposable person.

I keep receiving spam phone calls from a company that sells insurance.
One of my acquaintances decided to include me in his list of “5 References for unsolicited sales calls ” so that he could get a gift.
We might see one another once a year so therefore I’m not a close friend.
Perhaps on some subconscious level, he figured if he angered me it wouldn’t have a great impact on his life.
I felt like a disposable contact.
All is well though, as long as he enjoys his gift!

Do you have a subordinate at work?
Are there times when you see that person as merely a component who performs a task?
Have you ever felt like a mere drone whenever you got your daily instructions from the boss?

How do you treat shop assistants?
On a cold freezing day, would you offer a cup of coffee to the delivery guy who has been taking care of your parcels for years?

Are you that person who has been summoned as a “Plus One” whenever a friend couldn’t get a date?
Occasionally we feel flattered but instinctively we know we’ll be discarded once we’ve served a purpose.

In your late 20s, you might get invited to a lot of weddings.
That’s usually the time when your friends tie the knot.
During those weddings, you’ll notice the “Disposable Plus One” partners.
Interesting how some of those Plus One partners can be excessively rude to the catering staff!
One would think the knowledge of understanding your impermanence within a scenario would temper the hubris a bit?
This seems to be a common human failing, once we feel we’ve been elevated a notch it’s easy to look down in condescension at the very spot from whence we came.

I enjoy the company of “small people” they have interesting stories of perseverance and grit.
I’m also part of the little people.
In fact, within the bigger scheme of things we all are disposable and small.
The secret is understanding that fundamental truth while still enjoying life within the time and space we occupy this very moment!

One of my aunts used to say that she always smiled whenever she went past people on her way to the top.
Because she knew she wouldn’t need to smile at them again— On her way down!