When life overwhelms you— A view from the bottom of the steps

Growing up, I soon realized that physical obstacles weren’t shrinking, I was getting bigger.
Trees that once seemed unconquerable became accessible.
The wall at the back of the yard could be scaled with some effort.
Falling hurt less with each passing year until the top of the wall was breached triumphantly one afternoon.

A pretty girl who lived down the road could’ve very well have been the Princess in the Ivory Tower.
Nobody ever seemed more unapproachable.
One day we ran into another at a service station and simply ended up chatting without too much effort.

There’s a certain cadence to the way the universe functions.
There are times when we believe we are handling issues when we are merely “living through” a scenario.
We “grow through” tough times and often end up moving beyond the problems.
Do not by any means however allow your perception to diminish the grace you received to be able to weather the tough times.

I can easily say I went up on a ladder to fix a water pipe, but in essence, it took me a long time to learn all the necessary skills required to fix the pipe.
Spotting a software bug within seconds stems from experience gleaned over years!

The “bottom line” here at the bottom of the stairs makes sense then.
It teaches us that we’re going to grow again.

We’re going to find new opportunities.
New epiphanies are in the pipeline.
We are being taken to a point where we realize we desperately need to either make a change or change our way of looking at things.
A few new truths displacing old preconceptions might be imminent.

Best of all, when you do find yourself being overwhelmed at the bottom of the stairs you could do well to look around you.
The people who are there to help you are there because you matter to them.
The higher you go the more difficult it becomes to see who is sticking with you only for the benefits they might get from your advanced position.

At the bottom, there’s the truth.
It’s not always pretty.
Very often surviving down there feels downright hard and near impossible.
But right there at the bottom is where you find the truth about yourself and others.
And as cliched as it all sounds, there’s no other way except “up!”

Those who possess the ability to climb the first steps by themselves are fortunate, those who can do so with the support of companions are blessed.