Remember the empty parking lot? Why were you working on Sunday?

It’s Christmas.
You’re in the middle of nowhere, in a desert, on duty in a weather station all by yourself.
That’s probably more dismal than going into the office on a Sunday.
There are times when a bit of overtime is required— With deadlines and all.
Even though you know you need to do it you never quite get over that dismal feeling when you notice your car is the only one in the parking lot.
But you do what you gotta do!

Reality is one thing, but unfortunately, we allow “worry,” “unwarranted fear,” “a disproportionate sense of duty” and other malware into our minds on Sundays.
Many of us find ourselves “working” every Sunday!
Yes, there you are sitting on your porch, reading a book, having a nice cuppa joe but yet you find your thoughts wandering off to an unfinished proposal or a document you needed to complete.
Perhaps your mind looks like a jumble of gears and wires from a steampunk movie.
I can already see how it goes into overdrive for no reason, driven by angst!
You’re in the middle of a sci-fi movie where wires from the back of your head are connected to your computer.
Before you know it you’re already working on the problem and quickly log onto your work-environment remotely.
“I just quickly need to check mail,” you tell yourself.
The “quickly” becomes a few hours because illogical self-induced panic has a way of making you doubt everything!
The not-so-funny part is looking at the same piece of work on Monday!
And then it hardly comes across as intimidating as it seemed on Sunday— While you were “relaxing” at home.

If there’s a serious crisis after hours then man up, suit up, or do whatever you need to do but go to work, or get cracking on the problem.
You’re not a wuss!
But seriously, when nothing is happening then why can’t we ever seem to relax?

I have a few of my own specially branded solutions for combatting “Sunday Blues.”

Keep a good movie in reserve.
Watch it whenever you feel Sunday blues creeping up on you.
It helps to take my mind off work.

Tell yourself the work never ends.
You’re not on standby this weekend, you’re entitled to be “off!”
Slap yourself in the face if you need to ground yourself!

You’re not getting paid to worry.
Remind yourself you’re not getting paid to worry.
Look at examples of burnt-out people who worry all the time.
Check out their medical bills and ulcer-related woes.
The company does not care about your ulcer.

Ask the question “what would’ve happened if I had been on an airplane right now?”
The answer is often “nothing!”
If you’re out of communication range then you have a valid reason for not worrying about the job! Because up in the air there’s bloody well very little, or nothing you can do about any form of crisis down there!
If you’re not on standby, switch off your phone!
When you find you can’t do that then start weaning yourself off it by checking it only once or twice.
That electronic spawn of Satan doesn’t need to be tethered to every aspect of your consciousness!

On a grim note, what would the company have done had you been injured and rushed to the hospital?
Would they cope?
Of course, they would!
Nobody is irreplaceable!
Give yourself the day off, tell yourself you’re pulling “mind and body” together.
This is your ICU.
This is your recovery space!

“Monday” is still only a day.
I’ve stopped wishing my life away.
If I can’t find something pleasant about Monday I know I’m in deep trouble.
You owe it to yourself to find or manufacture ways in which you can move past the leering soul-sucking beast you believe Monday to be.

I’m going to say it, have a great Monday!
Have a damn great week!
Hang in there!
This is your life!
It’s happening right now!
Enjoy it!