The modified beast in the basement. Surviving corporate parking-bay woes!

Research the age of the building in which your offices are housed.
Perhaps it was built during a time when a fuel crisis forced people to buy smaller cars.
Not all allocated parking bays are suitable for gargantuan vehicles.

Some of my colleagues own big badass 4X4 Off-road monster trucks.
Many of those trucks have never seen any road surface other than smooth tar.
But some of the trucks have a winch.
If they were to get to bogged down in mud then the winch could easily pull them out!
And many 4X4 vehicles have a snorkel, in case the car needs to submerge when navigating a crocodile-infested and flooded marshland.
It often features bling-mods as well, just in case it doesn’t look manly enough.

Quite often these automotive hulks don’t quite fit into the confines of smallish parking bays.
There are always issues with doors getting dented and cars taking up too much space.
Well, tough hey?
Nothing forces someone to insist on commuting with a tank masquerading as a daily ride?
Perhaps some of the 4X4 drivers could opt to swap with the wife on occasion?
Let her use the Godzilla Mobile now and then for the school run?
Consider commuting with the smaller and more economical hatchback?
Ok, it might be asking a bit too much from a guy to emasculate himself this way?
Many office blocks have outside parking lots.
Maybe a bit of real weathering and resulting sun-bleached paint could even add some realism to the big last-frontier-conquering vehicle.
Some rust and scuff marks look good with a winch!

Quite often I’m amazed at parking-bay wars.
Senior managers often insist on getting a bay right next to the lift.
There’s prestige connected to having a prime bit of real estate on which you can stick your fancy ego-massager!
I once worked for a CEO who chose to use a parking bay in the furthest corner of the basement.
The spot right next to the lift he gave to someone who normally had trouble walking with his crutches.
You can only imagine the respect we had for that guy!

I’ve always been happy just to get a parking spot.
But commuting via train means I don’t require a parking bay.
It’s quite liberating really!
Now I don’t need to buy a big vehicle that comes standard with a winch!