What is a common denominator in any job? No, it’s not asking for a better salary!

I’ve had 16 jobs over 30 years.
Some lasted for a few months, some lasted years.
None of this means I can offer profound wisdom about the “working condition” but I sure managed to rack up a few observations along the way.

So I might as well cut to the chase here.
What did I perceive to be the “common denominator” in any job?
The answer is very simple, so many of the colleagues who contributed to my collective working experience had these standard phrases in their linguistic arsenal:
“It’s almost…”
“I’m so over…”
“I can’t wait for…”

Your vivid imagination can surely start filling in the blanks?
“It’s almost Friday!”
“It’s almost time for my annual holiday!”
“It’s almost weekend!”
“It’s almost lunchtime!”
“It’s almost time to go home!”

“I’m so over this day!”
“I’m so over the week!”
“I’m so over this year!”
“I’m so over this project!”

“I can’t wait for my leave to start!”
“I can’t wait for our increases!”
“I can’t wait for tonight’s party!”
“I can’t wait for my notice period to be over!”

I’ve written about this a few times before, and I will continue to do so.
We spend a third of our lives working, but yet it seems very few enjoy that substantial “third!”
Somewhere along the line, I discovered how much of my life I was wishing away.
So many people are stuck in this rut!
The “smart” technology below our thumbs makes it even easier to add a smiley emoji to the message that says “It’s almost Friday! Yay!”
We perpetuate the illusion of happiness-to-come with insipid emoticons.

This I’ve also said a few times, “don’t just quit your job!”
It’s not always practical, it can be a bad decision.
However, DO think about the things you could be doing instead of working at that particular place you are wishing out of existence this very moment.
“Thought” is the precursor to any action.
Recognizing, acknowledging and accepting the reality of a problem is the first step you take towards solving that problem or at the very least positioning yourself in a better place.

The second third of your life is spent sleeping!
Do you need a full 8 hours?
And by the looks of it, some people spend much of the “third” third playing games, streaming movies and watching other garbage that doesn’t contribute to any life-improvement scenarios!
Now listen carefully though, you can’t be a dull boy or girl!
All work and no play will make you dull!
You need downtime!
But DO check your downtime-allocation, could you have done something to facilitate getting out of repeating the “I’m so over this day” scenario ad-infinitum?
Are you studying, working on a hobby, writing a book, learning new skills?
Those things could become enjoyable if you understand why you’re doing them!
Ok, perhaps not studying so much?
If you’re very honest with yourself though, how many hours per day are dedicated to social media drivel and filtering through a barrage of emojis, mindless video clips, toxic comments, and orphaned opinions?
You DO have more time than you think!

Lately, I started analyzing my two other “thirds” and within those two thirds I will find ways to move towards a more meaningful “working third.”
No series binge-watching for me this weekend!
I’ll draw the line at 3 episodes.
Maybe 4…