Thursday thoughts about Yin, Yang, coffee and happiness

When does the sacred ritual of “having a coffee” start?
For me it often starts the minute I leave the train and head towards the place where a heroic barista will be preparing a sublime beverage for me.
“Having a coffee” transcends the actual climactic act of taking that first sip.
There’s so much more to it all.
The interaction with friends, soaking up the vibe, experiencing the ambiance and derivative background muzak— All of that contributes to “having a coffee.”
Even when you put down your empty cup you are still actively having coffee with a friend, because there’s a latency in the experience that only gets committed to archived memory much later.

So much of our lives and enjoyment thereof hinge not only on holding the filled cup but also on putting down the empty cup and the anticipation before there even is a cup.
Without emptiness, we can’t experience fulness.

Are we so often embarking on a quest towards chasing down happiness as “somethingness” that we miss happiness within the emptiness?”

I can’t deny that I would like to give happiness connected to the tangible purchase of a brand new V8 sportscar a fair chance.
Owning that beauty would certainly provide thrills and spills that could certainly be equated to a few moments of “happiness?”

Do you have a brand new car in the garage?
What if you leave the car behind when you go on a business trip?
No doubt it will remain in your thoughts!
Would you simply forget the figure-hugging bucket seats below your ass?
Remember the adrenalin rush and admiring glances from buxom bikini-clad babes on the curb?
Of course, you do!
Even though you’re a thousand miles away, you’re still holding the steering wheel inside that shiny vehicle!
Nothing is something.
Absence is inter-dependant on togetherness.

Perhaps I can ask a hypnotist to plant a strong suggestion in my mind, “You parked that lovely sports car in the garage last night! Be happy now!”
Maybe happiness is only a memory or a set of memories?
Does it matter?
Not as far as Yin and Yang are concerned.
A special memory can make you happy, and happiness can produce a special memory.

If I don’t have something, then hopefully, I can also understand that I don’t necessarily need it?
Love what you have, don’t always aspire to find something new to love?

Before it all becomes too confusing I think I need to go out for a coffee!
Fortunately, that means I’m already having my coffee, even though I won’t be drinking it for another hour!