What we thought we needed, and what I chose instead!

Everything I need to know about Meghan Markle’s new perspective on reflexology!

The headline is made-up.
I’m not even sure whether Meghan Markle cares about reflexology.
But I’m not going to search for it online.
Who knows what else the all-seeing gods of content will send my way if they pick up on my search?
Zillions of “reality” bytes telling us what we “need to know” are in circulation right this minute.
Humanity lives on a steady diet of tailored content force-fed down their throats.

Does anyone out there in the cyber-realm of marketing excellence care about our true needs?
These guys are clever, sustain propaganda long enough and you wear down people, especially if you spice it up with cleverly disguised hooks that burrow into our vanity, insecurity or desires.
We all want freedom, power, and happiness.
Keep on telling me that’s what I need in believable, but honest-looking fake constructs and I might end up taking the bait!

My antidote to surviving rabid “need-pushers” is the “Hollies-Fallback.”
They released “The air that I breathe” in 1974.
“Sometimes all I need is the air that I breathe and to love you.”
Those who are currently single can reduce it to “breathing” only.

I’ll go out on a limb here and guess you would like to include your car, house, clothes, wife, kids, and mobile phone as being “essentials.”
That’s fine.
Perhaps you have your personalized “needs” you wish to include under “essentials!”
But don’t ditch the “Hollies-Fallback” just yet!

Be honest and you’ll admit that in-depth Twitter discussions about politics needn’t be an integral part of your “needs!”
Especially seeing that it ramps up your heart rate and turns you into a troll.
You most certainly don’t need to chase a vague idea of prestige, based upon other people’s perceptions of success?
And what about “stuff?”— Gadgets we purchase because we “need them.”
So much of what we once thought we needed get relegated to storage eventually.

And you don’t want to be arrogant enough to presume you can predict what other people need— Especially when you’ve never asked them!

I do however need to constantly work on improving my humanity.
That’s a daily “upgrade” I can’t skip!
I also need good coffee, stimulating conversation, a little love, and a fully restored 1967 Mustang!
I’m filtering a special clause into the “Hollies-Fallback” for that last one…