Allowing undiluted-reality to wash over you

People who crave “authenticity” are often quite willing to pay exorbitant amounts for a “raw” and “undiluted” experience.

Sure, everyone wants to go on the authentic safari.
We want an authentic diving experience.
Gravity-defying roller-coasters must provide real thrills and spills— An adrenalin rush that made queueing for hours worth the wait!
The chicken curry you ordered must be authentic enough to conjure up the Taj Mahal with each bite!
And when you are ready to settle down one day you’ll search for a partner who is the “real deal”— Without knowing what it means.

Getting yourself that “authentic” piece of “something” is all good!
What confuses me is a decision to filter experiences through opinions, likes, dislikes, and fickle preferences.
Without digging deep into the definition of “reality” you can ask yourself how often you possess the capability to see reality for what it is.

Is it possible for you to enjoy a movie or any other show without filtering it through every little layer of your “self?”
How many things have you missed because you simply went into a juvenile state of “I don’t like this?”
Are you that immature brat in the restaurant, pouting and doing your utmost best to channel your 4-year-old self when something wasn’t “just right?”

“Life’s too short for having bad coffee!”
I get that!
However, maturity and the perfect hindsight of retrospection often reveal some of the less-desirable moments in life as being the very raw unfiltered experiences you needed.
It’s often messy, painful and humiliating.
Reality can humble you and slap you in the face while it forces you to go down on your knees.
It’s at that juncture when the essence of experiencing “being human” can wash over you.

Many of our “amusement-park” thrills tend to fade into a homogeneous blur of activity over time.
It’s the “free stuff” that lingers, within the everyday-reality we choose to notice, absorb and enjoy—
Raw undiluted experiences that make us who we are.