“Enlightenment” is a flashlight strapped to your head— So what do you “see?”

Enlightenment to me is nothing more than strapping a big light to your forehead and finding your way down an ominously foreboding and altogether nasty little alley.
The stronger your flashlight, the more you see!
It’s going to show you a path and help you to avoid crates, litter, broken bottles, and vomit.
You’ll also be able to see a dead cat and perhaps the odd homeless person near the fire escape.

Naturally, I can’t imagine knowing what “enlightenment” means for each individual.
It remains a personal quest, and personal experience.
I believe “enlightenment” requires a flow of energy, stemming from learning, observation, service, empathy, and understanding— and all of that good stuff flowing towards practicality.
Very often we complicate and obfuscate so many things for ourselves and push it into esoteric realms.
But it’s simple.
You already know your purpose in life— It’s to be alive.
Finding something useful to do gives your life meaning.

Everything else might be extremely interesting and entertaining.
All you read will certainly enrich your perceptions about life, should you choose to learn from it.
If this seems like a reductionist approach to complex issues so be it.
I’ll choose that before I adhere to an additive method of needlessly layering complexity onto everything.

Strap on that light, keep your hands free, you’re going to search for a dingy alley!
Enlightenment won’t be found on the internet, or in shiny shrines dedicated to the gods of retail.
Yes, perhaps you won’t even find enlightenment within the proverbial alley.
Chances are you might find something better, a “changed perspective” inside the absurdly beautiful mess called “life.”
And within that mess, you can choose to help the forlorn guy near the fire escape, because now you’ve “seen” him!