How smart are you? Don’t tell us if you’re really clever!

Are you “smart enough?”
Do you worry about it?
You really shouldn’t!

If you’re not the “smartest” person on Earth it’s fine!
“Smartest” is an absolute based on perception, preference, and opinion.
It cannot, therefore, be measured within universally-accepted parameters.
Within specific disciplines, there are certainly people who excel, but then occasionally seem “less adequate” in other areas.

Unfortunately, we’ve been indoctrinated by the “sad and lonely genius” stereotype in movies.
That’s the person who is portrayed as a reclusive or undiscovered genius, and visual props, such as chess, maths or musical proficiency is used to convey the “intelligence.”
The same happens in books.
Our perception of “smart” is very subjective at times and easily impressed by “intelligence-cliches!”
We’ve been conditioned to believe someone who can play 20 chess games simultaneously is smart beyond belief.
Does the ability to master ostentatiously complex math equations push you into “genius” territory?
That’s possibly quite true, but can the math genius necessarily solve a survival puzzle on a desert island when he is completely out his depth?
Can he build an escape craft using only the materials at hand?
We don’t know, do we?
What about the poor sod who does not like either math or chess?
Should he be relegated to “average?”
Is the master mentalist who exhibits an uncannily sharp perception and a knack for recognizing social patterns any less intelligent?
I don’t think so!

There many types of intelligence out there.
That also makes the “smartest ever” debate a moot issue.
A common fallacy is also diminishing the athletically-competent as being less-cerebral “grunts” with merely “skill” and training.
A world-class athlete certainly needs to process thousands of inputs and decisions within a spatial construct to compete on those levels!
I think comedians are smart.
You need to be damn smart to come up with all those wisecracks that often injects much-needed levity into a word that takes itself far too seriously!

We measure and label what we can see.
Even superlatives on a physical level are tough to label as being the “best!”
Is the world’s fastest car the fastest? Or did the driver truly excel on the day they broke the world record?
He also had strong a headwind behind him and mirror-smooth tarmac to skew the results?
Perhaps he secretly put some of his grandfather’s moonshine into the tank to produce stellar combustion in the V12 engine!

Maybe the smartest people don’t bother displaying their talents— Those who have no desire to convince anyone how smart they are!
Perhaps they’ve figured out the smartest thing you can do is to enjoy the fleeting joys of life while appreciating the gifts you’ve been blessed with, and not worrying about those you might not have?