Month June 2020

Roots— Why it’s not always easier to leave than to be left behind.

When we reckon we’ve landed on tough times we often allow our roots go deep.
When nourishment isn’t abundant we may draw on the strength we never realized we had.
We all have those deep pockets of resourcefulness we never thought we would tap into — until circumstances moved us to discover otherwise.

Reconnecting with your creative muse, and being better off for starting without her!

One year, when the rain god lost interest or went to do battle within other realms the townsfolk once again saw no clouds forming on the horizon.
But they were sorted.
I reckon the moral of the story was, “don’t wait, do!”
When help arrives, at least you started!

This doodle remains one of my personal favorites.
I use it to remind me that a creative process is largely dependent on groundwork.

Start “doing” without “feeling” it.

Twitter killed The Wisdom Tsar!

Before the prophets of the world poured their wisdom into a text-box with limited character-capacity the words that hit you squarely in the gut were often found in dodgy spaces. Every local bar, tavern or bake sale gathering had their… Continue Reading →

There are four “Fast & Furious” truths about comparing yourself with others!

“Do you envy the trappings of wealth, or do you think you might be longing for the happiness and fulfillment that seemingly accompanies it?”
But remember! Not everyone at the races has a fancy car!
Maybe you’re not that guy who flexes his monumental triceps while holding the steering wheel.
And that’s “OK!”

Let’s get through today as best we can! (Ecclesiastes vs. Corona?)

“Seize life! Eat bread with gusto!”
It’s not that easy!
I can, however, change the way I perceive things!
It gives me a context within which I can move forward!

Don’t worry too much, it’s quite impossible to “miss out!”

It could’ve been nice to have two lives?
A mundane, everyday one, suitable for completing menial tasks.
We all need to work, you know!
And then— the super-powered “better you” that is reserved for partying, rock-climbing, skydiving, and lunar exploration!

Losers might be happier than we thought they were?

I asked him to define “loser” at that point.
He couldn’t.
It’s fairly difficult to define something without a reference.