For the longest time, I believed I needed to reside on an island, a place where I could create art and be happy without always being a part of the outside world.
If the global pandemic taught me one thing, it was that I already existed on an island— that place that becomes so familiar over time that it eventually seems less extraordinary than it should be.
We often preach mindfulness and living in the moment— and yet we easily ignore these familiar moments.
A part of us always yearns for the epic spaces within the fantasy constructs of our “what-ifs.”
During the COVID lockdown-phase, I realized how privileged I was to be able to reconnect with my garden— and not only because I had to but also because I chose to.
When I discovered an old webcam recently, I decided to stream my outside view within a chat-channel. Purely for fun.
The reactions I received were unexpected.
Several people commented on the tranquility of the scene.
“That looks so zen! I mean, I can hear the birds, I can look at this for hours!”
“That reminds me of the place where I grew up. I have no space where I live now! Thanks for sharing!”

I truly hope you can rediscover a section of that which you’ve might’ve lost along the way.
That which is still within arms-reach!

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