What is the most human thing you can do?

What is the most human thing you can do?
Nowadays, it appears to me as if the human race is at an all-time low regarding loneliness and hope?
Are we neglecting our duties?
To put it bluntly— if our job is to be human, are we merely wasting time at “the office?”

Ok then, what is the most human thing you can do?
I suppose that question seems pretty straightforward?
Cmon, we know these things, we’re all human after all?
But what if you had to apply for the job, the job of being human?
I’m guessing the employment agency will have a long list of criteria.
If I were to be slightly facetious, I could only imagine what an alien from the outer rim of the galaxy would view as baseline requirements for being human?
“Two opposing thumbs for proper texting?”
“Yeah, I got those— albeit they’re a bit longer than yours!”

I remember the last list of “minimum requirements” when I went job-hunting.
I ended up pondering the situation, “How could any single human being conform to all the requirements in the list?”
Did the company hire someone with a shotgun— someone who could aim at a whiteboard with job specifications written on it?
Everything on the board that got hit would be listed as “minimum requirements!”
And yes, more often than not, it’s a question of, “what doesn’t get hit?”

The realm of information, and by the same token, disinformation, has evolved into a raging torrent.
The river has breached its banks— it floods the plain indiscriminately.

But within this endless manifestation of consciousness, there is one common-denominator of “being human” that I still manage to observe— The ability to comfort with sincerity!
This component of being human doesn’t require much of a skillset.
It doesn’t even require a lot of prior knowledge about the situation at hand.

A counselor I once met explained it in a way that resonated with me.
You can’t necessarily understand what someone is going through— you can’t even begin to comprehend what brought them to this place.
But you can know this— they are here, right now.
And the one thing you can do is to acknowledge their presence.

Once you’ve acknowledged someone’s presence, you can ask how they are doing?
“I see you!”
These three words have become a holy grail online.
And even in the offline world.
“I see you, I can recognize you as being similar to me.
I often hurt— therefore, I will guess that you are also hurting.”

There is much more to being human than comforting someone with sincere acknowledgment— but it’s a start— especially when the list of other job-requirements is daunting.

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