“Zen Garden-Cam”

This is what my part of the world looks like at this very moment!

Simply follow the link, it’s guaranteed— 100% Corona Free! — >GARDEN CAM


Currently, I don’t have the resources to keep the zen-cam running 24/7.
For starters, I’m going to need a cam with a better resolution.
I’ll also need a space where to mount it, more permanently— and run it off a little dedicated server.
Ok, so why “zen-cam?”
Recently I received a few online comments from watchers who said amazingly positive things:
“It’s so zen! I love it!”
“This is the peaceful view I needed!”
“That reminds me of the spaces I knew, growing up! I love it! Thanks for sharing!”

So in the meantime, I’ll leave you with a video I recorded with a proper HD camera.
And if you like the peacefulness that I would like to believe it represents, let me know!
I mentioned something similar in a previous post.
During this COVID-Lockdown phase, I rediscovered my garden, and also the immense privilege of being able to wake up to some form of serenity each morning!
I also wish for you to have a peaceful day— Irrespective of how you choose to achieve, or experience it!


Matt LR

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