The Swiss Army knife of getting advice from people! (When to use the tweezer!)

Yes, I have a multi-tool in a drawer.
These nifty little gadgets started as pocket knives, and then I guess a visionary cottoned on to the idea of adding more and more hardware to make that device more appealing!
Oh, and by the way, the Swiss weren’t the first to create a pocket-sized workshop!
Herman Melville, author of “Moby Dick” mentioned a pocket knife with corkscrews and other paraphernalia in his book.

The concept of self-help books, advice, agony-columns, and the like remind me of these multi-tools.
I can’t call them “knives” anymore.
They’ve long since transcended that realm!
Within this context, I can’t help but think of “advice” as being similar to a bulky multi-tool.
Consider advice about “How to be happy!”
“101 Ways to be happier!”
That sounds like a multi-tool!
Maybe only 34 of the ways would suit your lifestyle and personality!

But before you run to your study and throw out all your self-help books— relax!
Leave them in the drawer— or on the shelf!
Please don’t delete all your “self-help” online bookmarks!
Use whatever you need when a situation requires it.
Many of the gadgets on my multi-tool have never been fully utilized.
At least not in the way I guess the designers envisaged!
But that’s fine!
The minute I purchased it, I knew I would use common sense to dictate what I would use it for, and when!
Of course, we don’t always purchase these things for practical reasons!
Those knives look so cool!
Well, I think they do!
You can read self-help books for the same reason— they might be appealing, even if they don’t always have practical implications within your context!
Enjoy someone else’s point of view, without necessarily subscribing to it!
You would like other people to do the same for you!

One of the biggest problems in terms of “advice” is the belief that we are “lacking” in some or other way— because we don’t follow the wise “guidelines” placed in front of us.
Just because something was written and published doesn’t mean it is gospel by default!
The knife in my drawer came issued with a saw, but that doesn’t mean I’m obliged to use it!

Ironically, what I’m proposing here is also a self-help scenario of sorts!
The “advice” I will dispense in the future is relatively bulky!
I’m a habitual overthinker!
Next time I hand a big pocket knife to you, please don’t see it anything other than a representation of my thoughts!
If you wish to use the tweezers for removing hairs from your coat instead of removing a thorn from a finger— do it!
The knife is yours now— as is your choice!

Have a great day!
Matt LR

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