Never say never! Moving out of the comfort zone.

The shiny promise of wealth and professional respect that lay beyond the yellow brick road of technology was a powerful motivator when I started my career as an IT Professional.
But today, in the aftermath of an emotionally taxing day, I revisited the epiphany I had a few weeks ago: “I refuse to lose my humanity to a soulless job!”
“Never say never!”
I often smile when I remember how I vowed that I would never go back to teaching.
My teaching career was short-lived. After a few years, I traded my chalk and blackboard for a keyboard and mouse.
And today, I feel obliged to be honest!
After many years, I’m starting to miss the privilege of seeing the light in someone’s eyes when they finally grasp the intricacies of a problematic linguistic concept.
But today, I also need to ask myself a relevant question, “What If I merely require a change of pace?” Tough times have a habit of dredging up memories of those moments from a time that we perceived to be “easier.”

So what’s the point to all of this?
C’mon, what’s the takeaway?
Am I merely writing stuff that helps me make sense of confusing times?
I’m not sure.
When life provides smooth sailing, we’re all too arrogant in our assumption that we’ve got it all sorted.
Discomfort and disarray can be catalysts for change.
That might be this post’s takeaway.
I believe nothing great was ever achieved from within a comfort zone.

I have no idea where my escape from a soulless job might take me.
That is, provided I receive the grace to escape anytime soon.
The prospect is both daunting and exciting at the same time.
But then again, that’s the essence of being alive.

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