During the day all seems well. But do you cope at night? (A thought about “positivity”)

Yes, you can “manage” all your daily trials and tribulations during your waking hours.
Consciously focusing on breathing and compartmentalizing the day’s events can become second nature.
The trick is to convince your subconscious self that the gremlins have all been contained.
Easier said than done? Absolutely.
During the day all seems well.
Most of us manage to build impressive coping-mechanisms over the years.
But nighttime leaves almost everyone vulnerable.
Despite your best efforts at controlling your demons, they will wake you at 3 AM, or earlier.
“you can’t fool us with your ostentatious efforts at pretending nothing is awry!”
I imagine those “night terrors” speaking to me in the early hours of the morning, mocking me.

Earlier this week, I started looking at my nighttime “companions” differently.
What if they aren’t “demons” but rather watchdogs instead?

We have highly sophisticated language and reasoning facilities at our disposal so we might as well err on the side of positivity.
Language provides us with the potential to “find” positivity within confusion.
That which we experience can have many names.
While we can’t always choose the experience, we can choose what to name it.

There’s this one thing about having a watchdog: Often they bark at the moon.
But when there is a real danger, you’ll know.
Getting up in the early early morning hours due to stress and worries no longer presents itself only as something negative.
My watchdogs woke me up, alerting me to dangers that can steal my health and happiness.

Higgins from the TV show “Magnum P.I” named his watchdogs “Zeus” and “Apollo,” straight from the pantheon of the gods.
I haven’t settled on names yet.
Maybe “1 AM” and “3 AM?”

Until next time!
Matt LR

5 thoughts on “During the day all seems well. But do you cope at night? (A thought about “positivity”)”

  1. Oh, those demons… I often lie awake for the littlest thing! It can churn in my head until I feel it is going to explode! And the next morning it’s like -‘what was that all about?’ πŸ™‚

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