I draw and write because I need to.
Yes, literally!
I get withdrawal symptoms when I don’t create.
I’ve drawn cartoons and comics since my 6th year.
Occasionally I hate my creations, but that’s something I’m always working on!

I try and live mindfully.
I don’t like the word “try” but – I always aim to make a concerted effort to live mindfully.
On top of that, I truly resonate with many of those amazing principles found within the realms of Stoicism, Buddhism, and Christianity.
My philosophies are not a religion and neither is my Faith a philosophy.

I will never offer advice, I might write in such a way as to remind myself how I handled a situation or dealt with an issue.
But advice is mostly a fallacy.
People often look for instructions and believe “advice” is the same.
Guidance is more hands-on than advice, but it is still fraught with peril!
We would like to believe our situations are often similar to those experienced by others.
They aren’t really.
“Similarities” never equated “similar!”
Instructions are fine when you’re fixing a generic mechanism. The one in front of you will no doubt be similar to the one in the tutorial.
Where people are concerned “instructions” can be dangerous.
We don’t like to be reduced to a set of algorithms, and therefore I believe we shouldn’t attempt to reduce others to a set of rules.

In a nutshell, then, I draw and write for myself. I create notes – These notes are ideas and memories I leave to myself.
You are always more than welcome to use these ideas as some form of inspiration for dealing with something or addressing a particular scenario.
But never use my template “as is!”
You are as unique as any other person who ever walked this Earth.
Place your uniqueness inside the template I showed you, and eventually, make everything your own.
Write your own notes about life!

I don’t believe “life gives us lemons.”
You gotta go find those little suckers every day!
But if life did give us lemons then the resulting “lemonjooz” could’ve been enjoyed two ways – with sugar or as sour as it comes.
It took me some time to figure out both ways are equally valid.
And the choice is yours!
Isn’t that awesome?


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