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Twitter killed The Wisdom Tsar!

Before the prophets of the world poured their wisdom into a text-box with limited character-capacity the words that hit you squarely in the gut were often found in dodgy spaces. Every local bar, tavern or bake sale gathering had their… Continue Reading →

Let’s get through today as best we can! (Ecclesiastes vs. Corona?)

“Seize life! Eat bread with gusto!”
It’s not that easy!
I can, however, change the way I perceive things!
It gives me a context within which I can move forward!

Losers might be happier than we thought they were?

I asked him to define “loser” at that point.
He couldn’t.
It’s fairly difficult to define something without a reference.

The courage to draw a line— The art and certainty of uncertainty!

You’re not human if uncertainty doesn’t haunt you occasionally. We’re beings who manage to embed our ideas regarding security within perceived certainty. 181 days ago I set out to create yet another comic strip— after what felt like a lifetime… Continue Reading →

Covid-19 and unlearning a world we knew

Covid-19 changed the world overnight and I believe our perceptions are following suit! This morning I realized everything I ever knew has changed— even my perception of historical events like the 60’s sexual revolution. During my commute, a very random… Continue Reading →