The purpose you missed on the path of “enlightenment!”

Dozens of publications that pontificate goals, living your “best life,” and finding purpose scream at consumers from bookshelves and e-book sites.
“Buy me! You need me!”
A lot of the airy-fairy memes out there convince us that purpose resides in abstract quotes.
It doesn’t.

Gurus who come in various flavors make a lot of cash when they teach us that “purpose” can only be found when traveling the path of “enlightenment.”
Many of the “signposts” we will require to complete the journey are packaged and sold in the form of “subscriber-benefits.”
Sadly enough “the search” can take up so much our time that it defeats the very purpose of the “purpose” we’re looking for.
“Searching” is a sad surrogate for “doing.”
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The courage to draw a line!

Matthew dropped by earlier this morning.
He told me that he had forgotten how to draw.
I made us some coffee.
But I knew he would’ve preferred a beer.
A friend would’ve offered him a beer.
But then again we weren’t really friends.

He said he didn’t have the courage to even draw  lines anymore.
I knew what it was all about.
His stories of being out among the stars and looking for traces of his footprints on the moon meant that he felt his universe was broken again.
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