When life overwhelms you— A view from the bottom of the steps

Growing up, I soon realized that physical obstacles weren’t shrinking, I was getting bigger.
Trees that once seemed unconquerable became accessible.
The wall at the back of the yard could be scaled with some effort.
Falling hurt less with each passing year until the top of the wall was breached triumphantly one afternoon.

A pretty girl who lived down the road could’ve very well have been the Princess in the Ivory Tower.
Nobody ever seemed more unapproachable.
One day we ran into another at a service station and simply ended up chatting without too much effort.

There’s a certain cadence to the way the universe functions.
There are times when we believe we are handling issues when we are merely “living through” a scenario.
We “grow through” tough times and often end up moving beyond the problems.
Do not by any means however allow your perception to diminish the grace you received to be able to weather the tough times.
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The hand and the mountain

The hand doesn’t grow larger, nor does the mountain become smaller.
But what happens when you’ve walked far enough?
When you turn around and look at the mountain your hand can shield it from view.
All the deep crevices, treacherous rock faces and narrow ledges that you had to navigate earlier starts feeling like a memory.

“Getting perspective by moving away from the object” sounds so trite, but yet remains so true.
Perspective teaches us that we have a job, but the job isn’t our life.
One day we will leave it far behind.
Perspective reminds us that while we might be loved and valued today we will inevitably become nothing more than a memory someday.
Others will become memories for us.
Without us, life will carry on.

Moving away from something not only shows us how small something can be, but it can also show us how big something is.
Perspective illuminates that which is either extraordinary, irrelevant or important to us.

So think about it!
Next time you wish to understand something better look at your hand.
Switch off your computer, put down your electronic gadgets and hold up your hand.
What can you still see… Even with your hand in your line of sight?
Is it a person or environment that you truly love?
Or is it a problem that seems larger than life?
Does it seem like an insurmountable obstacle?
Then ask yourself what it would look like from a distance.
What would it look like if you moved away from it completely, not just today, but forever?