Are you afraid of becoming someone’s disposable person?

You might as well put that fear to bed now because you probably are already someone’s disposable person.

I keep receiving spam phone calls from a company that sells insurance.
One of my acquaintances decided to include me in his list of “5 References for unsolicited sales calls ” so that he could get a gift.
We might see one another once a year so therefore I’m not a close friend.
Perhaps on some subconscious level, he figured if he angered me it wouldn’t have a great impact on his life.
I felt like a disposable contact.
All is well though, as long as he enjoys his gift!

Do you have a subordinate at work?
Are there times when you see that person as merely a component who performs a task?
Have you ever felt like a mere drone whenever you got your daily instructions from the boss?

How do you treat shop assistants?
On a cold freezing day, would you offer a cup of coffee to the delivery guy who has been taking care of your parcels for years?

Are you that person who has been summoned as a “Plus One” whenever a friend couldn’t get a date?
Occasionally we feel flattered but instinctively we know we’ll be discarded once we’ve served a purpose.
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