Covid-19 and unlearning a world we knew

Covid-19 changed the world overnight and I believe our perceptions are following suit!

This morning I realized everything I ever knew has changed— even my perception of historical events like the 60’s sexual revolution.
During my commute, a very random topic popped into my head.
The radio played a Hendrix classic.
I guess that prompted my inadvertent thoughts about “logistics” during the mother of all music festivals: Woodstock.
Imagine attempting to share “free love” within the context of social distancing.
Now it seems ludicrous?

I also looked at this website earlier and my previous posts felt hollow somehow.
For the time being, I will archive all of it.
Call it a “quarantine” of that which I thought I knew— before the world changed overnight.
One day I’ll I might resurrect all of it.

For me, this has become a time to hearken back to all that I’ve ever learned about “unlearning.”
As paradoxical as that might sound.
I believe every one of us is going to be forced to think differently about
everything in the days and years to come.

En route to the train station, I wondered how busy the train would be— pondering how these thoughts were not merely related to comfort anymore.

Someone behind me was feverishly flashing lights because he felt I was driving too slow.
I couldn’t help but wonder why he was speeding.
If so many offices are closed, and events and meetings are being canceled, then what are you rushing toward?
Or is it still habit that’s merely driving us to do what we’ve always done.

As for myself:
I’ve lined up a few personal challenges for the unforeseeable future.

  1. Reboot my thinking, seeing that everything else is changing anyway.
  2. Stay as safe as possible.
  3. Remember I’m human, and those around me are also human— and therefore act accordingly.
  4. Retain my sense of humor.
  5. Initiate more electronic contact with family and friends— more often than I used to.   

Extending our humanity across borders, by using the internet, is going to become an indispensable way of keeping the flame of hope alive.

You’re still here if you’re reading this!
Leave a comment, just a “hi there”— a reminder that life goes on!
Share a joke, an emoji or anything else that can be today’s reminder— a document of sorts that you were here!