The 15 Minute Illusion!

If time is an illusion then our own perceptions can become the malevolent conjurer of falsehood.
So you walked to work and it took you all of 15 minutes.
Did you convince yourself that you were wasting time?
Did you convince yourself that you could, or should’ve been doing something different, something better…Within the demarcated confines of reality that you created for yourself?
What was the illusion that the wizard concocted to convince you that “it,” that section of “time” was merely something you needed to place behind you in order to reach a goal, a destination?

If time doesn’t exist then I wasn’t caught up within the stranglehold of a perception that the moments needed to be anything.
For me, it was an experience within which I didn’t need to explain to anyone why I required to be alone.
On other days the experience becomes a conversation with a friend.
Others could’ve experienced the moment as music or thought.
And right there your own magic happens.
That’s where the evil wizard loses power over you.
Because the illusion he tried to pull off would’ve failed.
When someone else’s illusion doesn’t matter, it holds no power.

Life simply happens between sections of time we choose to classify as events.
I choose to see the interstices as meaningful, even if it’s only an illusion as well.
At the very least it was my own illusion.